Restaurant De Lanterfanter

The ideal break during a bike ride or after a strenuous walk

Fed up with the bustle of the coast? Come to “De Lanterfanter” situated at the quiet village square in Ramskapelle, the perfect place to catch your breath. Klaas and Martine invite you to enjoy a refreshing local beer or satisfy a (small) appetite with homemade shrimp croquettes, a neat snack or a fresh salad at the cosy terrace. For the sweet-toothed there are pancakes, ice creams and cakes. Have a little more time? You can also enjoy a complete dining experience in the restaurant at the “voute” where classic dishes like eel, mussels, Côte à l’os and sole brotherly share the menu with more daring dishes.

Kitchen open continuously.
Closed Monday and Tuesday, July and August closed only on Monday.

Suggestion menu


Home-made shrimp croquettes with gray shrimp from Nieuwpoort

Côte à l’os with sauce of choice, a salad and fries
Fried sole with a salad and fries

Chocolate mousse or garnished cheese dish


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